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Summer at Godfrey Dean
Vera Saltzman: O Human Child
July 2 to August 23, 2019
Vera Saltzman's exhibition O Human Child features 18 black and white portraits of Saskatchewan children photographed in their own environments: in small towns and rural communities, on ranches, First Nations Territory, and farms.
"The impetus for this series of photographs came from a desire to better understand the place where I currently find myself, rural Saskatchewan. I turned to the writings of W.O. Mitchell in hopes that his words would help me gain a sense of the Saskatchewan identity. 
In Who Has Seen the Wind Mitchell depicts life as a child in rural Saskatchewan in the 1930s. Through stories of everyday events of a young boy trying to make sense of life, death, and God, he addresses universal themes in his iconic Canadian prairie voice. 
My goal in creating O Human Child is to take a contemporary look at children growing up in rural Saskatchewan and consider how the tensions and complexities of childhood today both contrast and mirror those of Mitchell’s time.
The title of O Human Child is a line borrowed from the W.B. Yeats poem The Stolen Child, which is about the fairy tales we tell children to protect and shelter them from the tragedies of the world. The subjects in the portraits are ages 4 to 11, the same age range as the characters in Who Has Seen the Wind. " (Vera Saltzman)
Curated by Donald Stein. Toured though OSAC’s Arts on the Move program.


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We're planning a new class for 5 and 6 year olds! If they have enough experience with a formal classroom setting and can work independently, a morning class during the first week, July 15 to 19, will be avaliable. 

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