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2016 Exhibition
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365 days of coffee
Monique Martin
December 1, 2016 to January 12, 2017
Saskatoon artist Monique Martin has taken a minimalist approach to a complex subject: the deeply embedded role that coffee plays in our lives, from daily ritual to global political economy. In a clean and simple presentation, free of background, information or analysis, Martin has assembled a large set of coffee mugs and made black and white prints of them. The viewer is invited to consider the mugs and prints and reflect on the implications of coffee.
Organized and on tour through the Arts on the Move program of OSAC, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils.
2016 Exhibition
Our Atrium was an Aviary!
Shawna Dycks
September 25 to December 18, 2016
Fourteen bird portraits were poised in the Atrium hallway gallery upstairs at the Godfrey Dean, by Saskatoon photographer Shawna Dycks. Shawna has been avidly photographing birds, wildlife and nature for four years. She loves the excitement it brings and the challenge, crediting patience, frequency and luck as the keys to making better photos. Birds seem to let her approach without fear and look right into her lens while resting calmly. Shawna is accompanied on her photo walks by an eleven year old chocolate lab named CJ, who is obviously a very calming influence as well.
2016 Exhibition
Gisele Bauche:
Ebb and Flow of Life
November 7 to December 21, 2016
The Bauche family produced a number of artists with a Yorkton connection! Gisele's paintings include still life, abstract expression and religious icons in a power array of fluid colour, form and creative spirit.
Opening reception: 2pm on Sunday, November 13
Join us to meet Gisele and help celebrate her work
2016 Exhibition

Leah Marie Dorion:
Being One with the Earth
November 1 to 23, 2016
The work of Leah Marie Dorion is firmly rooted in traditional Métis teachings of her Grandmothers. As an educator, researcher and writer, Leah includes teachings from other nations and territories into her paintings and embraces these understandings because everyone is on Mother Earth together. Strength, balance, harmony, love, and resilience are common themes throughout her work.
Dorion incorporates natural elements into her works, such as blending mica and sand into her paint, adding rocks, berries, bark and other earthly elements into her paintings, which are highly layered. Vibrant colours and metallics are subtly enhanced by beadwork carefully sewn onto the canvas, adding a further element of glitter and tradition.
Another inspiring exhibition on tour organized by OSAC, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils
2016 Exhibition
©2016 Jeff Wizniak
P H O T O G R A P H Y :
Between Art and Object
September 19 to October 28, 2016
Opening reception 2pm Sunday, Sept. 25
Join us to meet the artists:
Todd Schick (Melville)
Janice Weber (Saskatoon)
Jeff Wizniak (Saskatoon)
Winners of the 2016 Portfolio Prize competition held by the Saskatchewan Prairie Light Photography Festival. Three Bronze Award winners were chosen based on their entire body of work, not just single images.
One exhibition, three ways of seeing
2016 Exhibition
Touring Exhibition from the Saskatchewan Craft Council
September 19 to October 28, 2016

Every two years the Saskatchewan Craft Council (SCC) invites all Saskatchewan craftspeople to submit up to two hand crafted items for Dimensions, the only open , juried and touring exhibition of Fine Craft in the province. This year the jurors selected an exhibition of 36 works by 34 craftspeople, out of 180 works by 106 entrants.

Dimensions has been an undertaking of the SCC for over 30 years. The exhibition is moving to a two-year cycle so this is the last time we'll see it in Yorkton until 2018. And this is one of the best we've had, so we hope you didn't miss it!


2016 Exhibition
Paula Cooley De La Mer
Paula Cooley: MIX
July 10 to September 2, 2016
Mixed media sculpture by Saskatoon artist Paula Cooley combines ceramic with metal, wire cord and found objects. The shapes reflect her passion for ocean waves and forms of nature. On careful inspection, you can see Cooley is also interested in exploring the menacing aspect of shape and form. The harsh, bitter and sharp use of metals contrasts others where the smooth, enticing surface flows without a break.
2016 Exhibition
Shannon Yashcheshen
Shannon Yashcheshen:
After the work for Shannon's exhibition arrived and we experimenting with different configurations. Each time people visited they were able to see how the selections evolved, until the final and optimal exhibition was complete.
2016 Exhibition
L A N D S C A P E   &   M E M O R Y   2 0 1 6
Local artists exhibition
JUNE 5 - 24, 2016
Opening Reception 2-4pm Sunday, June 5
The response to the local exhibition from artists of all ages was amazing!
We have over 200 artworks of all kinds from almost 60 entries,
including Invermay, Buchanan, Kamsack, Sturgis, Esterhazy, Preeceville,
Wadena, Madge Lake, Saltcoats, Lintlaw and Melville.
And of course Yorkton. A kaleidoscope of creativity on display.
2016 Exhibition
Five Stages
Brianne Urzada (formerly Brianne Pister) and Kiriako Iatridis
April 25 to May 18, 2016
Brianne Pister grew up on a farm near Rhein and attended high school in Yorkton. Shortly after completing a BA in Regina and getting married to Eric Urzada she was diagnosed with stage three cancer. She underwent six rounds of chemotheraphy. It was successful and Brianne has been in remission for several years, enjoying life with her husband and baby.
In the middle of the chemo treatments, Brianne worked with Regina photography Kiriako Iatridis to create a set of powerful images that try to capture the complex range of emotions that come with the grief of cancer and mortality, or indeed any situation of trauma or tragedy: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The images were used to raise funds in Regina for cancer patients, survivors and families.
Reception May 14
A special event with Brianne and Ottenbreit's Close Cuts for Cancer.
2016 Exhibition
Sandra MacColl's Royal Stanley Pottery Collection
April 25 to May 18, 2016
Sandra MacColl (1943 - 2015) was an important figure in the Yorkton arts and culture community. She volunteered her time and energy extensively and played leading roles in the vitality or creation of many local and regional initiatives. A partial list includes countless hours at the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre building, Yorkton Public Library, Sunflower Fine Art and Craft Festival, Yorkton Arts Council, and the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery.
Among her many talents, Sandra was a well known antique dealer and collector. Her love of Royal Stanley Jacobean pottery gradually led her to amass what is perhaps the largest collection of Royal Stanley work held by an individual anywhere in the world.
To honour Sandra's memory, the Godfrey Dean was pleased to exhibit the entire collection. The gallery was glowing.
Opening Reception 2pm Sunday, May 1st
Celebrating this wonderful assemblage of spectacular British art pottery from the 1910s and 1920s.
The last chance to see it all together in Yorkton!
2016 Exhibition
Saskatchewan Prairie Light Photography Festival
January to March 2016 around the province
2016 Exhibition
210.9 SECONDS!
March 7 to April 9, 2016
210.9 Seconds is a captivating collection of fine art photographs by 12 photographers.
With their gentle stretching of time and focus, these studies in light, colour and motion seem to be paintings.
A delightful contrast to our recent B&W exhibition.
Artist Reception 2pm Sunday, March 20
2016 Exhibition
Jennifer Crane: Dear Edward
January 18 to February 26, 2016
Dear Edward is Jennifer Crane's reverie and whimsical response to the photographs and writings of Edward Weston, an iconic figure of 20th century photography. A series of large prints derived from medium format images taken with a pinhole camera are complemented by text panels of letters Crane writes to Weston. Responding to journal entries published in "The Daybooks of Edward Weston" she creates a personal voice for the viewer in a space that resonates both simplicity and substance.
2016 Exhibition
Todd Schick: Auto Select
Curated by the Yorkton Regional High School Photo 30 Class
January 25 to April 9, 2016
Yorkton area photographer Todd Schick brought a series of images to the gallery in November 2015 and asked for our impressions of his work. The photos were very good, a diverse selection but with clear areas of interest. An exhibition in our Atrium community gallery was the obvious next step.
By coincidence, the following month Chad MacDowell brought his YRHS Photo 30 class to Haley Polinsky’s food photography exhibition. While polite and very respectful in person, in their written assignments to assess the images and the presentation, they were harshly critical of the work done by the curator! And since I had curated that show, I was delighted to receive honest and unedited criticism of my work.
The group impressed me with their skills observing and articulating ideas regarding context and aesthetic choices. I invited them to re-arrange the photographs in that exhibition to correct the deficiencies they identified, and it was a stronger show after their changes. So I asked them to curate Todd Schick’s exhibition and select the images for his show. All the images in the main floor lobby and in the Atrium gallery on the 2nd floor were chosen by the class.  (Donald Stein, Director, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery)
Todd Schick https://www.instagram.com/toddschick/ is an emerging photographer with a great eye for detail, shape, colour and geometry. Todd shoots landscape, nature, the built environment and people, but very often photographs places empty of people and objects no longer used by people. Todd is an active member of the Yorkton Photography Guild.

2016 Exhibition
Money, Sovereignty & Power
The Paper Currency of Revolutionary Ukraine
January 11 - April 9, 2016
In the wake of the Great War, from the detritus of imperial collapse there emerged a new political order of nation-states. Amongst the newly established entities there appeared an independent, sovereign Ukraine. From the outset, Ukraine was the object of invasion and its survival was in doubt. Nevertheless, in the search for legitimacy, extraordinary efforts were made to affirm the state’s sovereign, national character. This was to be accomplished by consciously connecting with Ukraine’s historical past both to invoke precedence and to encourage a narrative of political continuity. The symbols introduced in the currency of Ukraine during this revolutionary period were examples of this process.
Curated by Bohdan Kordan, Director, Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan