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2017 Exhibition
LEGO Holiday Special
Kelly Litzenberger
November 25 to December 9, 2017
Opening 1 to 4 pm, Saturday November 25
LEGO® allows users to create their own world, and then interact in that environment. The multi-layered process of play involves not only a high degree of imagination; it requires attention to detail, concentration, patience, and teamwork.
For any toy to sustain hours of play, it has to harness the imagination. LEGO is wildly successful in doing this. By giving children tools to build their own toys – as opposed to providing them with a ready-made toy – LEGO empowers children to become the authors of their own play.
Kelly Litzenberger is part of the new generation of LEGO builders that source parts from the worldwide community to create unique architectural renderings. A greater portion of Kelly's 20s were spent operating Revolution Snow and Skate (1998-2004) the first action sports retail store in Yorkton. Raised in Melville and Yorkton, Kelly grew up skateboarding, riding BMX and playing records,
Kelly's recreation of the Revolution Show and Skate store and location was recognized by the official LEGO IDEAS website as a staff pick of the day. The building may be gone (formerly located at 3rd Ave and Broadway) but this slice of Yorkton history lives on in the LEGO world, and is now shared with their global community!
2017 Exhibition
Kelly Patterson: Surface and Seduction
September 14 to December 9, 2017
Artists reception 2pm on Sunday, September 24
Dreaming of goldfish in the deep blue sea ...
2017 Exhibitions
Haley Polinski: Enter the Medina
Kelly Patterson: Surface and Seduction
September 14 to November 17, 2017
Artists reception 2pm on Sunday, September 24
Two new exhibitions that appeal to your visual senses for travel, beautiful foods
or just dreaming of goldfish in the deep blue sea ...

2017 Exhibition
Jerry Kortello: Intricate Simplicities
July 10 to September 1, 2017
Artist reception 2pm on Sunday, July 16
Jerry Kortello’s Intricate Simplicities exhibition features 15 amazing and intricate ceramic sculptures! People are talking about the spectacular quality of the work in this show. It’s safe to say that we’ve never seen anything quite like this before, and it’s awesome! It's kind of a visual mash-up of Vic Cicansky meets M.C. Escher. Jerry lives in Norquay, SK and this is a retrospective of his work in clay.
2017 Exhibition
Over 60 local artists of all ages!
200 works of art!
June 4 to 30, 2017
The response to this year's local artist exhibition, Landscape & Memory, was a bit overwhelming! Over 60 artists of all ages are taking part, with some very strong youth entries, ages 12 and under, along with adults of all ages. When we started this exhibition 10 years ago we knew it was important to showcase local artists, but we had no idea there was this much creativity to share!
Our entire region is represented, from Esterhazy to Preeceville and Kamsack to Wynyard, along with an enthusiastic group from Yorkton that expands every year.
June is a great time to visit the gallery and experience this celebration of our community.
2017 Exhibition
V e r a  S a l t z m a n:
Sue and Winnie
April 4 to May 12, 2017

Artist reception 2pm Sunday, April 23


Vera Saltzman’s Sue and Winnie is a collection of 14 portraits of women over 40 with dolls they cherished in their childhood. The collection won the Silver Award portfolio prize in the 2016 Saskatchewan Prairie Light Photography Festival. Chosen from professional entries across Saskatchewan, the Silver Award recognized a photographer’s body of work and includes a solo exhibition at Godfrey Dean Art Gallery and a cash prize of $1,650.


The Daily Mail in the UK reviewed Sue and Winnie when it was printed in portfolio form: "Photographer Vera Saltzman explores the transience of life and the inevitability of death through the eyes of the women, who, driven by nostalgia of their lost childhoods, have kept their dolls for decades: sitting on a shelf, buried in a box in a closet, locked in an attic. The toys, some weathered from years of affection, others still in perfect condition, but all a product of their time, signify a past that is familiar yet unsettling."


Vera describes her work in this way: "These images are tinged with a sense of memento mori, a phrase dating to Roman times meaning ‘remember that you are mortal.’ As I age, I am constantly reminded of life’s uncertainty. This series helps me reflect on the human condition, the transience of life and the inevitability of death."


"Sigmund Freud believed the uncanny to be something which leads us back to what is old and familiar but is at the same time unheimlich or uncomfortable. This series explores the idea of the uncanny as it manifests in a longing for youth, and a recognition of mortality."


"Driven by the nostalgia of our lost childhood, many of us have kept our dolls: sitting on a shelf, buried in a box in a closet, locked in an attic. In these portraits, women over 40 are posed with their childhood dolls. Each doll serves as an entry point into the history of our life which is both strange and familiar. In my photographic survey I consider the rediscovery of these doll-mementos, which lead these women to recall a past of comfort and security. It’s hard to imagine a time and place when we would have played with these dolls. As young girls we spent hours with them. Our friend and confidant, they kept us safe at bedtime while comforting us during stressful times. Those days are gone forever yet eternally present as evidenced by the doll: an assurance of a past."

- Vera Salzman
2017 Exhibition
Fabulous Fibre at the Godfrey Dean!
Fibre Art Network: On the Wind
April 12 to May 4, 2017
The Fibre Art Network collective exhibition On the Wind features 33 works by artists across Western Canada. A virtuosic display of fabric technique, skill and imagination.
The Fibre Art Network (FAN) is a cooperative of self-defined artists based in Western Canada. The cooperative was organized in 1999 and is committed to promoting fibre as an art form and each other as artists. FAN members come from Western Canada - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon and Northwest Territories - and share their learning and news through a website and newsletter. 
The artist reception was at 2pm on Sunday April 23
Images from the exhibition and Fibre Art Network website:
2017 Exhibition
Kent Tate and Sharon Olson: Uncommon Landscapes
March 1 to April 4, 2017 
Kent Tate and Sharon Olson approach landscape using non-traditional methods, five abstract paintings accompany three television monitors. This exhibition is an atmospheric meditation on landscape. Calm, reverential and engrossing; the viewer is invited to become immersed within the landscapes presented by these artists.
Organized and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program
2017 Exhibition
Heather Cline: Quiet Stories from Canadian Places
Closed on Saturday, sorry you missed it!
January 16 to February 25, 2017
We were so happy that Heather Cline kicked off her exhibition tour for Quiet Stories From Canadian Places at Godfrey Dean Art Gallery. Yorkton is proud to be the first stop on this Canada 150 celebration journey that's taking the exhibition across Saskatchewan to Alberta and BC. 
Over the past ten years, Regina-based artist Heather Cline has been quietly gathering stories from local residents in communities across Canada, collecting personal and regional history. Through a series of artist residency projects and public engagements, she did such diverse activities as interviewing farmers on combines in Manitoba, fruit growers in Vernon and school children in Ardrossan, Alberta.
The interviews inspired Cline to paint different geographical locations, connecting with the subject matter through other people’s experiences of place. Excerpts from the audio collection are interspersed among the paintings to create the audience experience.
Artist Reception at 2pm Sunday, January 29
At the artist reception Heather talked about her painting odyssey, the many wonderful people who took part, and the highly refined painting techniques she uses to make the works feel like they're glowing with light. She also made these cool time lapse videos of the opening!
GALLERY ONE TIME LAPSE  https://youtu.be/MMCMTh7rp_0          GALLERY TWO TIME LAPSE  https://youtu.be/pnHiVcxtZgI
CTV Yorkton - Saskatchewan artist finds beauty in the ordinary
Heather Cline’s website with photographs of the paintings