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2018 Exhibition
Gabriela Garcia-Luna: Kathgotham Express
December 15, 2017 to January 23, 2018

Gabriela García-Luna is a photography-based artist who lives and works between Moose Jaw, SK, northern India and Mexico City, where she was born and raised. García-Luna’s particular interest is the exploration of the paradoxical possibilities inherent to photography. To show the seen and reveal the unseen.

Wayne Baerwaldt writes in the catalogue essay, "As an artist who carefully constructs her photographic pictures to elude definitive and prescriptive readings, Gabriela García-Luna aims to open doors to an aesthetic that questions commonly perceived realities. She suggests we observe her pictures with fewer, different or no expectations of knowing anything with any certainty and that another, more elusive quality is more revealing. In the process of compiling her observations of the commonplace – urban-rural landscapes – from various parts of the world, she hints at revealing the unseen in her images."

Organized by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery with funding assistance from the City of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture, Saskatchewan Lotteries, and the Canada Council for the Arts and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program.